Sundance Cinemas Seattle Loyalty Accrual Rewards Policy

 Sundance Cinemas Partners

For members of the Sundance Cinemas Partners Loyal Program, the following Points Accrual and Program Rewards Policy (“Policy”) describes (1) the procedures for accruing points, (2) the Program Rewards, and (3) other Program benefits, each of which are governed by the Sundance Cinemas Partners Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions [] (“Agreement”), which may be amended from time to time.  Please read the Agreement for more specifics about the process to redeem points.  To the extent that any provision in the Agreement conflicts with this Policy, the Agreement shall control.

This Policy is subject to change without notice, effective immediately upon posting a revised Policy at  Except as prohibited by applicable law, such changes shall apply to all Members, including Members who enrolled before the posting of such changes, even if such changes may affect the value of points earned or redeemed before such changes.  You are responsible for checking our website periodically for any such changes.  We encourage you to print or otherwise retain a copy of this Policy for your records.  You will know if this Policy has been revised by comparing the effective date located at the end of this Policy with your retained copy of the Policy. Capitalized terms not defined herein are given the meanings set forth in the Program Terms.

Points Accrual

For every $1 dollar spent you will accrue one point (i) a maximum of 40 points per day per program account can be accrued for purchasing tickets at Sundance Sunset Cinema or online at (ii) you will accrue one point for every dollar spent when purchasing food or drinks Sundance Sunset Cinema with a maximum of 75 points per day per program which include any points accrued for purchasing tickets.  Points may not be earned for fractions of a dollar spent. Points accrued and maximum earnings may be adjusted based on special promotions.

 Program Rewards

Points may be redeemed at Sundance Sunset Cinema for the following Program Rewards, subject to the limitations set forth further below:

·         For 150 points, members can receive one (1) movie pass that may be used Monday through Thursday.

 ·         For 250 points, members can receive one (1) movie pass, good for any day of the week.


·         All passes are subject to restrictions for “Special Engagements” and any “no-pass” policies imposed by our partner distribution companies.  Please visit our website or speak to a Theater representative for further details.

 ·         We reserve the right to limit the redemption of specific Program Rewards and limit the number of Program Rewards available at any particular point-spending level.

·         Alcoholic beverages and certain other items are not Program Rewards, and members may not use their points to obtain such items.

Other Program Benefits

In addition to the Program Rewards, Sundance Cinemas may also, from time to time and in its sole discretion, offer Members free tickets to special screenings and events throughout the year, subject to any additional terms and conditions that will be provided at the time of the offering.  Admission to such screenings and events is not guaranteed.

 EFFECTIVE DATE:  July 19, 2013


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